About SCR

Social Content Ratings™

Nielsen Social Content Ratings (SCR) is the first standardized third-party measurement of program-related social media activity across Facebook and Twitter, with Instagram to follow at a later date. Nielsen Social delivers one comprehensive solution to help networks, agencies, and advertisers measure, understand and act on social TV.

In addition to providing comprehensive social TV measurement for TV networks and over-the-top streaming providers, Social Content Ratings includes social TV advertising solutions and engagement tools to help TV networks, agencies and advertisers maximize the social impact of their cross-platform strategies.

Nielsen uses an evolving set of over one million classifier combinations, or program related terms, to comprehensively measure organic and owned activity on Facebook and Twitter in a standardized way. Classifiers, which include accounts, handles, hashtags, talent names, and other terms and phrases associated with programs, are systematically identified and applied to comprehensively measure relevant activity when a program is airing, and on a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week basis.

Nielsen receives aggregated anonymous topic data directly from Facebook and accesses full-fidelity APIs from Twitter in order to measure total social TV across social networks while respecting privacy. Public social media activity and activity taking place between friends, excluding Messenger, is measured.

Through Social Content Ratings, our clients can:
  • Measure: Social Content Ratings tracks the daily, weekly and monthly social activity for original programming from the most popular TV networks and over-the-top streaming providers, including linear and 24/7 measurement.
  • Plan: Social Content Ratings identifies which brands align socially with programming and quantifies how much paid TV campaigns drive earned media on Twitter for brands.
  • Engage: Social Content Ratings allows you to identify and engage with the key influencers in your social TV audience.

For a demo and to set up an evaluation of Social Content Ratings please contact us.

Our Capture Approach

Social Content Ratings measures s the social activity around the linear broadcast for every program aired across the most popular broadcast and cable channels in the United States. We capture the social TV activity within a specific window tied to its linear air: three hours before through three hours after airtime (i.e. a +3/-3 capture window). This is when the greatest activity and relevance occurs. In addition for series and select specials, social TV activity is measured on a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week basis.

Our unique measurement process ensures that we are capturing social TV activity comprehensively across the vast scale of television.:
  • The first step in our process is that we received a signal of what’s airing on TV from Gracenote’s electronic program guide.
  • Second, we create a dynamic and evolving set of classifiers for every program across the networks we measure. These classifiers include program names, talent accounts, official and unofficial program hashtags, as well as other program-related keyword combinations. Using the signal of what’s airing on TV, we apply classifiers only when they are relevant to programs.
  • We take these classifiers and apply them to market-specific data for each social network. Nielsen's direct relationships with Facebook and Twitter enable delivery of geo-bound social TV data for each market, including the U.S., Australia, Mexico and Italy. Audit procedures are in place to ensure the standard of quality our clients trust Nielsen to deliver.
  • The final step is to deliver this data in a standardized framework. Metrics are designed to adhere to the social media measurement guidelines created by the Media Rating Council (MRC), breaking down total activity into original “authored” content such as posts and Tweets and “engagement” with that content, such as comments and Retweets. Social Content Ratings also provide age and gender demographics for Facebook. Unique audience and impressions for Facebook, planned for a later date, will quantify the number of people seeing program-related activity.

Data Sources

At Nielsen Social we use the following data sources to power Social Content Ratings. We find these to be essential data sources necessary to comprehensively measure social TV activity.

  • Gracenote: Gracenote's trusted TV data informs our system of what's on TV, on every TV system, across every time zone in the US. As a result, we are able to capture the social activity for TV for every program and program type aired.
  • Twitter: Nielsen accesses full-fidelity, reliable APIs that enable the most robust delivery of market-specific Twitter activity.
  • Facebook: Social Content Ratings are the only social TV ratings based on an independent third-party methodology with direct access to aggregate, anonymous program-related Facebook topic data. This includes program mentions between friends, excluding those on Messenger, and publicly.